Cottage Antiquariat


Page is ready,including webshop.

2016, March

New aquisitions; Various, Art, Photography, Catalogues of Exhitions, Local History etc. 

2016, June

We aquired some overstock from a library, unused, almost new books, most of them recently published books of various topics.

Also new in stock are a number of books on contemporary history and NS-regime, a few books on local history.
Will be listed within the next months.

Not yet arrived a collection of art-books, mostly modern and postmodern Art with emphasis on Austrian art, but also international.

2016, August

Art-books have arrived, a number of small aquisitions.
Lundia-bookshelves for warehouse 2 in Stammersdorf.

2016, Sept. 

Out of office Sept. 15th - Sept. 25th.


Aquired a number of books, An interesting collection of books on watches and clocks.

2017, July 

Out of office June, 29th - July, 7th.